1. All our services and supplies are governed by these general conditions. Any derogation or modification to these clauses will be invalid if it has not been made in writing and accepted by both parties.
  2. The entirety of these general conditions is an integral part of our offers. The customer is supposed to have read it and to have accepted the clauses unless expressly stipulated notified.
  3. These conditions prevail over all purchasing conditions.
  4. All our proposals, catalogs, brochures, price lists and various information provided to the customer do not constitute offers and are only for information.
  5. By placing an order, the customer contracts these general conditions which he declares to be aware of and to undertake to comply with.
  6. The documents which are the subject of our offer may not be reproduced or communicated and may not be used.
  7. A delay compared to the delivery time cannot engage our responsibility and will not give place to an indemnity on our part.
  8. Any delay whatever the duration, which originates in a case of force majeure, authorizes us to suspend the execution of the contract during the duration of the disruptive element. Are considered in particular as force majeure, unforeseeable circumstances by the parties, which makes the execution of the contract impossible: p. eg strikes, late delivery by the supplier, wars, fires, explosions, floods, atmospheric circumstances, natural disasters, events affecting means of transport, accidents of all kinds.
  9. Deliveries are made on working days.
  10. The delivery costs are at the customer's expense for any order less than 150 euro excluding VAT.
  11. The customer acknowledges, in accordance with article 1583 of the civil code, that the supplies remain our property until their full payment plus any interest and costs. However, the risks are borne by the buyer from delivery. Eight days after the sending, by registered letter, of a formal notice to pay which has no effect, the goods must be returned to us immediately, at the expense and risk of the customer, who is obliged to do so, upon simple request. on our side.
  12. The customer has the right not to follow up on a confirmed order. However, any order canceled by the customer will give rise to payment by him of a lump sum corresponding to 30% of the total price agreed, as compensation for the costs incurred and the damage suffered.
  13. Under no circumstances will we be responsible for faults attributed to insufficient maintenance, normal wear and tear, faulty or clumsy use of the devices.
  14. All invoices are payable in cash, unless otherwise notified in writing, to Sillycom Valley SNC on account BE45001712359689
  15. Any complaint must, on pain of nullity, reach us by registered letter within eight days of receipt of the invoice.
  16. Any invoice not paid eight days after its due date will carry, ipso jure and without prior notice, late payment interest of 1% per month started, compensation of 12% per year for the amount due and a penalty clause 20%.
  17. Failure to pay an invoice when due makes all amounts due immediately, regardless of the payment facilities previously granted.
  18. These general conditions are governed by Belgian law and any possible dispute will be the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Mons-Ath. The seller may however waive this clause assigning jurisdiction and, if he prefers, summon before the competent court under ordinary law.